Ceremonies by Seashell Beach Weddings

Petal Toss 

Can be included via our A la Carte menu!

More than enough petals for your wedding party to toss!

Same Sex Marriages

We support equality!

Blessing Stones

During the ceremony the Bride and Groom each take a stone from a basket and repeat a verse together. The guests are then asked to take a stone. After the couple are pronounced Husband and Wife, everyone follows them to the edge of the water to make a wish or a Blessing. The couple counts to 3 and everyone casts the stones into the water at the same time. The ripples that are made represent everyone's paths crossing and bring love and good wishes not only for the couple, but for anyone that you come into contact with.

Unity Heart of Glass Sand Ceremony

As a symbol of "Unity" the couple is asked to take a hand of sand from beneath them and as they put it into the "Unity Heart of Glass/ Unity Heart of Sand"® together... they repeat a verse together.

Vow Renewals 

Include your children in your ceremony!